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The Husband Hunt - Lynsay Sands I really enjoyed this book love the sisters

I was wondering why the nook version was only 222 pages while the paper back has around 385

Wet Work - A Greg Kelton Short Story

Wet Work - A Greg Kelton Short Story - Brian Springer I just finished this book it took me about 10 min I just wished it was longer

Sleep Tight

Sleep Tight - Anne Frasier I got this book on my nook for free and I read it in a day I enjoyed this book it kept you thinking from beging to end
Lethal Rhythm - Peter Kowey;Marion L. Fox I got this book from goodreads giveway
I had a real hard time getting into this book I almost put it down and didn't finish it but I always finish a book I start no matter what I'm glad I finished the book even though I guessed the end very early on in the book I liked how it ended but that was about it
The Body Finder  - Kimberly Derting i bought this book not expecting much but I actually liked this book it was different than most of the books I have read or been reading I finished this book in a couple of hours i just couldn't pit it down until it was done then I went looking for the next book in the series
Romancing the Countess - Ashley March I just finished reading Romancing the Countess and this is the only book I have read by Ashley March and I look foreword to reading more I liked Leah and Sebastian very much and I felt for both of them having to deal with Death and betrail of their spouses and then for falling in love when they were sopossed to be mourning the loss of their spouses.
Envy  - J.R. Ward great book
The Knight's Temptress - Amanda Scott This is my Second book I've read my Amanda Scott and I'm looking foreword to reading more I really enjoyed this book I loved Lina and Ian in the first book and glad to see this book about them they are perfect for each other I really liked learning more about the unusual powers that Lina, her sisters and mother all have. I also enjoyed reading about Ian's bravery for going into a dangerous situation to save Lina and Lizzy
Summer at Mustang Ridge - Jesse Hayworth loved it can't wait to read the next one
Harvest Moon - J.E. Taylor i enjoyed this book just wished it was longer
First Flight (The Dark Eagles, #1) - David R.  Smith I received this book as a goodreads giveaway
I didn't care for this book it was very hard to follow and the writers world was confusing to me I had a hard time with it
Sleeper's Run - Henry Mosquera I won a copy of this book from goodreads giveaway
I really enjoyed this book even though it's not my typical type of read I loved all the action and how fast paced it was it sucked me in almost from page one i deffentaily look forward to reading more from Henry Mosquera
Soft Target - Stephen Hunter I won an advanced copy of this book for goodreads. This is the first book for Stephen Hunter that I have ever read it was pretty good and I really enjoyed Ray's charecter and I even liked Lavelva's charecter but I had a hard time with all the jumping around it did.
Dripping Blood Cave And Other Ghostly Stories - Raymond Bial this book is about 4 friends who hear about different haunted places one friend drags them to all these places to figure out they are haunted while another friend helps the ghosts get the rest they deserve i got my book from the goodreads giveaway
The Vigilante's Bride - Yvonne Harris i liked this story i read it in a few hours i liked how as soon as luke found out that axel swindled his father he set outt to take revenge but got mre than he bargened for